Shadowcat Nation Series

In an Alpha-male driven shifter world, it will take the strength and will of five women to secure the peace the Shadowcat Nation so desperately needs. But can they follow their hearts to love when everything in this world is against them?



 AndromedasFall_w9277_750 (1) SaraisFortune_w9602_750 TierynsFury_w10211_750 (1) 


Thirty years ago the population of mountain lion shifters was on the brink of extinction. Today, much like their wild counterparts, shifters are running out of land and resources. The encroachment of man has resulted in the loss and destruction of shifters’ natural habitats world-wide. This external threat has led to a new reality where only the strongest survive. Pack shifters, such as wolves, coyotes, and African lions, use their coordinated family groups to pick off the loners, like cougars, in order to obtain their territory.

Going against their mysterious and cagy natures, mountain lion shifters banded together to form the Shadowcat Nation in order to pool their resources and protect themselves from the packs. Reaching from Northern Canada, across the United States, all the way down to the southern tip of South America, the Nation is divided into ten dares, each led by an Alpha who has clawed his way to the top. However, cougars don’t naturally work or live well in group societies, and the shifters are constantly battling their innate desire for domination and sole control, their animalistic instincts often triggering infighting and inter-dare rivalries.

The success of the Shadowcat Nation, though critical to the survival of all cougar shifters, still hangs in a delicate balance.

The Wild Rose Press